Structured Cabling Solutions

Run everything off one structured cabling environment and eliminate the complexity of having multiple wiring infrastructures in place.


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Technology is constantly evolving, and data processors are pushing the boundaries of transmission. Your network needs the capability of the latest development in structured cabling to ensure it can consistently deliver.

3E Group Inc offers a portfolio of expert solutions to address all communications cabling and Data Centre demands. We can cater for projects of any sizes: from managing simple moves, adding or changing cables, to designing complete solutions and installations.

Structured cabling forms the core of any infrastructure. At 3E Group Inc. we understand that it is imperative your cabling solution is reliable and performs without fault.
Structured Cabling solutions

In today’s fast pace work environments, businesses are putting more and more data applications on their networks such as voice, data and video. The infrastructure that supports this communication technology needs to always be in consistent working order.

While the structured cabling system represents a small portion of the overall network investment, it can represent nearly 80% of your network efficiency. It’s also the bedrock upon which any organization is built.

3E Group Inc. specializes in the highest quality installation of all forms of certified voice and data cabling including Category 5e, Category 6, fiber-optic, buried, aerial and for wireless networks.

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Even though cables and wires are generally hidden behind walls, structured cabling solutions can provide much needed benefits to businesses and data centers. Without it, the system is put at risk, especially during maintenance. Some of the benefits of structured cabling include:
Structured cabling standards help organizations install wiring in a way that prevents messy tangles by keeping the whole wiring infrastructure organized. This results in lower down times and less room for human error.
If something goes wrong in your network, it will be easy to check if there is a problem with the cable connections. If there is something wrong with the cables, structured cabling helps you quickly replace the cables that are causing an issue.
With the constant advances in communications technology, it is important to have a system that is forward-adaptable. Structured cabling solutions enable just that, making updates easy to implement with minimal risk to the infrastructure.
Moves, additions, and changes to the infrastructure can be implemented quickly without disorganized wires getting in the way. This decreases the odds of human error during repairs and changes, thus allowing for better use of funds and company time.


3E Group Inc. objective is to exceed customer expectations when
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Cabling systems are known for their high reliability which is critical in business environments where downtime can be costly.


Cabling can support advanced security measures, such as access control systems and surveillance cameras

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