Audio Visual Integration

Strong planning and team coordination is critical for successful audio visual integration projects. 3E Group Inc. strategic implementation process coordinates effort and expertise across our departments to deliver outstanding service on every project.


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The 3E Group Inc. AV Integration Experience

3E Group Inc. selects the technology components, software and supporting products that support audiovisual experiences then makes them work together seamlessly. The optimal products and configurations change for every project, but our goal is always to make it easy for end users to benefit from their organization’s technology investments without wasting time struggling to use the systems.

3E Group Inc. is one of the most experienced audio visual integration companies in the world. We specialize in custom designing integrated AV systems to support specific business objectives and requirements. We have been designing, installing, maintaining and supporting audio visual equipment for a variety of to commercial, higher education, state & local government, and federal customers.
Audiovisual integration

Our Most Popular AV Integration Projects:


1.Huddle Spaces and Meeting Rooms

3E Group Inc. makes huddle spaces and meeting rooms hassle-free. When you walk into your conference room and click a button on the control panel to start a video conferencing session with your client, then easily share your latest proposal without spending 20 minutes of frustration to get the meeting started, you know that 3E Group Inc. has been hard at work. We help companies select the right displays, mounting racks, cameras, microphones, speakers, phones, control panels, and video conferencing codec or software then install, and configure all the components to work together seamlessly.

2.Video Walls

Whether you want to add a “wow factor” to your lobby or meeting area or simply need a practical way to display a lot of data and content, 3E Group Inc.’s engineering team can help you select the right video wall technology for your implementation. We’ll precisely identify screen options with the appropriate brightness, resolution, durability and power requirements for each of your locations.

Plus, our teams have the specialized training needed for installing each fragile panel.

Video walls

3.Classrooms & Training Facilities

3E Group Inc.’s modern audio visual technology implementations dramatically improve learning opportunities in classrooms and corporate training facilities. Large displays, interactive white boards, enhanced content sharing options, support for distance learning, sound amplification, lighting, alerting, and system controls must all be integrated seamlessly for optimum user experience and efficient learning. Mobile carts can be added to support training that requires hands-on demonstrations of equipment in other areas of the facility.

4.Auditorium and Venue AV

Today, nearly every auditorium and entertainment venue features large visual displays, crystal clear sound systems, specialized lighting, and environmental controls to optimize an audience’s experience. 3E Group Inc. puts all these systems together with easy to manage controls that facilitate delivering the best audience experience possible.



3E Group Inc. objective is to exceed customer expectations when
“Technology Needs a Team”

Whether you’re home or away, we make smart simple, have a remote access and control everything from lights, locks, and thermostats.

Increase Security Scope

Combining surveillance camera installation with guards lets each guard view many areas

Reduce Business Liability

Professionally installed security camera systems keep an eye on activity and eliminate downtime

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